Add Objects to Embedded Library

Select the Embedded Library tab page.
Browse for the desired library folder or file, select it, then click Choose. (To view and choose items within a folder while browsing the directory dialog box in Windows, you must double-click the folder.)
Note: Embedding an object will also automatically load any needed macros along with it.
Important: Embedding a library does not embed the entire contents of the library; it will only embed those objects which have been placed into the project.
Select the library folder from the Libraries in Project list in Library Manager.
Click the Embed icon. (If no objects from the selected library have been placed, you get an alert that there is nothing to embed.)
Do Not Embed Duplicates: Click this to avoid duplicates when embedding objects. Any objects that already exist in other linked libraries will not be embedded.
Also embed surfaces, zone stamps and property objects. This is usually relevant only if you are trying to embed objects from an ARCHICAD library. Surfaces, zone stamps and property objects are accessory GDL library parts that have been written into certain objects. Check this box to embed these parts as well.
Note: It is usually unnecessary to embed objects from an ARCHICAD library; the Consolidate function is a better technique for streamlining your ARCHICAD libraries.
Click Embed.
It is possible that other users have placed objects from a BIMcloud/BIM Server library that you want to embed. If the other users have not yet sent these changes to the server, those placed objects will not be embedded, because they are not available to your local copy of the project. But since the library folder will be removed as part of the embed process, those objects will consequently be shown as “Missing.”
Objects saved using File > Libraries and Objects > Save Selection as will save the resulting files as embedded objects by default.
For example, if you create a custom Stair with StairMaker and click OK to place it, the Save Library Part dialog box appears automatically and prompts you to save the new stair to the Embedded Library:
Individual objects not part of the project libraries can be used in your projects via the Load Other Object commands in the corresponding tool settings dialog boxes. Such objects are automatically stored as Embedded Objects.
Note: The Load Other Object command is also available from the Info Box pop-up of Library Parts.