License Borrowing

Click on Help > License Information
From the Help > About ARCHICAD Dialog, click on License Information
In the License Information dialog box, the Available Products section lists the relevant installed GRAPHISOFT products, by Product Name and License.
Note: It is possible that you have installed MEP Modeler on your machine without a license key. (This means that you can view MEP elements correctly in ARCHICAD, but you cannot create or modify them.) In this case, the License Information dialog box lists MEP Modeler product as Disabled. Click Reserve License here to start using a license for MEP Modeler: this way, you will have full access to MEP functions.
Below, the Product Information section displays language version and other license information, including expiration date if you have borrowed a license.
Click Borrow License.
The selected product is now shown with a Return button: click here when you are ready to return the license. The expiration date of the borrowed license is shown in the Product Information section.
Use the Enter Activation Code button to enable the Emergency License on a computer that is currently running ARCHICAD in Demo mode.