Archicad 12


ARCHICAD 12 was announced on June 16, 2008, and started shipping in July 2008. The main slogan for ARCHICAD 12 is "Accelerating the design experience". The Curtain Wall tool was first introduced in ARchiCAD 12, and it was also the first ARCHICAD version to support Multiprocessing

New Features


ARCHICAD 12 is the first BIM application that takes advantage of the multi-core technology. For example, generation of sections and elevations from the Virtual Building Model can experience a dramatic performance increase on multi-processor computers.

Multiprocessor support

With ARCHICAD 12, multi-core processors become the recommended and standard platform for higher performance computing. Areas that will see noticeable improvement include 2D and 3D navigation and 3D model generation including sections and shadow casting. In addition to the raw speed improvements which can contribute to a user’s bottom line, the improved feeling of responsiveness will contribute to an overall better design environment in which to work.


Curtain wall, partial structure display and hotlink management capabilities help speed up design and improve overall coordination on projects both internally and externally.

Curtain Wall

Enables users to easily design and document curtain wall systems. Based upon a flexible hierarchical structure of schemes, physical members and additional accessories, users can easily control & change both the entire system or the smallest detail.

Partial Structure Display

Enables users to work in the information rich composite structure of walls and slabs while being able to easily coordinate the loadbearing structure with engineers.

Management & visualization of the whole Hotlink structure and recursive updates of nested Hotlinks provides reduced file size and increased update speed. Users will benefit from greater productivity and better coordination when using Hotlink Modules, especially on large projects.

StairMaker Enhancements

More flexible 2D display of stairs to achieve higher productivity in the documentation and also new 2D stair symbols to comply with the local documentation standards. Four new stair types expand the default assortment of standard stair types in key markets.


2D and 3D documentation enhancements such as the new Fill Management and the 3D Document, a first for a BIM application – help users win new business and explain their design intent to owners, consultants and contractors.

3D Document

Allows users to use any 3D view of the model for creating a document where dimensions, annotations and 2D drawing elements may be added. This new level of clarity in communication helps reduce construction issues which can increase cost and lengthen project schedule.

Fill Enhancements

ARCHICAD 12 introduces new Fill capabilities, including translucent solid and image fills. These capabilities allow architects to remain in the ARCHICAD environment while preparing documents for competitions and client presentations.


Users may now select any object in 2D or 3D and nudge them in a manner similar to popular office applications. These familiar features will speed the design and document generation experience.

“Align” & “Distribute”

Users may now select any objects in 2D or 3D and align and distribute them by placing elements along a certain path or in a defined pattern. These capabilities will speed the design and document generation experience.

DWG 2008 Import Export

New capabilities include ACIS import, purge unused attributes and transfer all layouts into DWG model space.

Dimensioning Input Logic

Allows users to visualize dimension lines and adjust dimension points on the fly providing more flexibility.

Drawing “PMK” format

This is a native ARCHICAD drawing format which provides users with a flexible workflow when the project is divided among multiple files.