Creating Renderings that look like Water Color

  • - by b.trenga, Charleston, USA - Winning Techtip of June, 2007

b.trenga shared a very quick and simple method on ARCHICAD-Talk that allows to create renderings that have an impression very similar to a Water Color painting, in a quick and easy manner.


Here is a simple step-by-step guide to his method:

Step 1: Modify CineRender Image

Take your LightWorks image (make sure it originates from a saved view so you can use it again in the next step) and bring it to Photoshop (or another software with similar capabilities).

Step 2: Create Sketch Rendering

Bring the image back in ARCHICAD, use the Sketch rendering engine with the pen and ink setting however you like it, with a white background.

Step 3: Edit in Photoshop

Paste the Sketch rendering's result into Photoshop and make sure the sketch image is on the bottom layer so it looks more artistic and faded.
Then add the CineRender image on top of that, set to about 50% opacity.

Finally, fill in your background with the actual site images also set to 50% opacity so it all matches.
The result can be really stunning and impressive - take some time to elaborate all settings to get to an end result that suits your design/requirements/taste best.

Note: This method works the same way with CineRender rendering as of ARCHICAD 18.

TIP: you may want to try using Align View in ARCHICAD to get the view that corresponds to the images taken on site.