WibuKey Error Reporting

This article describes what info should be collected and sent to your local distributor to help to find the solution for your Wibu related problem:

Error Codes

Please write down the error codes at Archicad launch time: when ARCHICAD is starting or running and detects a protection related problem it displays an error message containing an error code. This error number contains 6-7 digits.

  • See an example below:WIBUerrorCode.PNG

Keyplug Info

Open in your browser https://upgrade.graphisoft.com/ and click on 'Send Keyplug Info'. All necessary information about your keyplug will be opened in your default email client.

Use Safari on Mac and Internet Explorer on Windows if the site does not open in your browser. In case having problem accessing the site consult: RemoteKeyUpgrade

WIBU Driver Version

You can find this info in the About Tab Page of the WIBU-KEY Control Panel.

  • WibuVersion.PNG

Server Logs

In case you are using Network protection please send the server log too: Start the Network Server program from the Start menuProgramsWibu-key menu and after launching Archicad unsuccesfully go to WIBU-KEY WkLAN/WkNET Server Status by right-clicking on the Wibu-Key Server icon and click on Status... Copy the content of this, and send too. See below:

  • WibuServerLog.PNG

Content of the WibuKey, .RTC file

In case our Technical Support Engineers ask you to send the content of the key, please follow these steps:
On Mac:

  • Run WkConfig application
  • Navigate to Update tab and select the number of the keyplug
  • Click onto 'Write Context...' then give the number of the keyplug as the name of the content file
  • Send us the result x-xxxxxxx.rtc file.


On Win:

  • Start WkStartCplXX application (XX can be 32 or 64 depending on your Windows.)
  • Click onto the WibuKey icon on the upper left corner of the window and select 'Advanced Mode'
  • Navigate to 'WIBU-BOX Context' tab
  • Select the number of your keyplug from the 'WIBU-BOX Tree'
  • Browse for a location where you would like to save the file, enter the keyplug number as file name (do not change the file type from 'Remote Context File' -.rtc)
  • Click onto Apply
  • Send us the result x-xxxxxxx.rtc file.WibuContentWin01.jpg