Additional Effects for Shader Layers/Folders (CineRender Surfaces) 

The list of Effects (available only from a channel’s Layer control) allows you to add various effects to the layers or folders.

See Using Layers to Combine Shaders (CineRender Surfaces).

Most of these effects are based on other CineRender shaders. For example, the Distort effect offers parameters that you will also find in the Distorter shader. For descriptions of these inherited parameters, look up the corresponding shader in the reference guide.

Brightness / Contrast / Gamma, Hue / Saturation / Lightness / Clip Color

See Filter shader.


See Posterizer shader.


See Colorizer shader.

Clamp Color

The Low Clamp and High Clamp parameters cut off the color values at the given points.


Use these parameters to rotate shaders or textures and mirror them horizontally or vertically. You can also change the scale and position of the shaders or textures.


This effect is a simplified Distorter shader that works exclusively with noise.

The Time Scale parameter allows you to animate the noise effect. To animate the noise, set the value higher than 0. The higher the value, the faster the noise will change.

See Distorter shader.