Import “General” Cross Section from SAF

Option 1: Import to ARCHICAD as Custom Profile 

The polygon of the SAF Cross Section is correctly interpreted and embedded within the Custom Profile, but without any material information. (Their materials are assigned based on the Material Mapping panel.)

This Custom Profile is not listed among ARCHICAD’s attributes, and you cannot list it by name or otherwise refer to it in the ARCHICAD project.

Note: Once imported to ARCHICAD, you can place this Custom Profile in the project and then save it as a named Profile attribute.

Option 2: Import Standard Steel Profile to ARCHICAD

1.Use Options > Complex Profiles > Import Standard Steel Profile to add a new Profile attribute to the project.

See also Use Standard Steel Column or Beam Profile.

2.Now you can map the incoming SAF Cross Section to the corresponding, named ARCHICAD Profile attribute (instead of “Custom Profile”).

Option 3: Create New ARCHICAD Profile Attribute Through Attribute Manager

1.Open Options > Element Attributes > Attribute Manager.

2.Click the Import button.

3.Browse for an .xlsx (SAF) file exported as a data template. (See Prepare and Export a SAF Data File to Ensure Standard Mapping).

4.A Temporary Attributes dialog appears. The Profiles panel lists the potential new Complex Profile attributes, based on the SAF Cross Sections.

5.Assign ARCHICAD Building Material, Fill Type, Line, and Pen to each SAF Cross Section you want to append.

Note: If a General Cross Section contains multiple SAF Materials, only one ARCHICAD Building Material can be assigned to it. However, after you add it to the ARCHICAD Project as a new Profile, you can use Profile Editor to set different Building Materials for each Core component. 

6.Click OK to add these as temporary items to the Profiles page of Attribute Manager.

7.Append them as needed to the ARCHICAD project. 

8.Now you can map the incoming SAF Cross Section to the corresponding, named ARCHICAD Profile attributes (instead of “Custom Profile”).