Add More SAF Materials and Profiles (Import SAF to ARCHICAD)

To expand the list of mappable SAF Materials or Cross Sections, do one of the following in the Material Mapping or Profile Mapping panel (SAF Import Translator):

Import from SAF File

This is the preferred method, because you can avoid typing errors.

1.From the Add button, click Merge from file.

2.Browse for an .xlsx (SAF) file exported for this purpose. (See Prepare and Export a SAF Data File to Ensure Standard Mapping).

3.Materials and Cross Sections from the SAF file appear in their respective dialogs. Review this list and check the ones to import. 

Add by Hand

1.Click Add.

2.In the appearing dialog, manually enter the SAF Material name/ type or the new SAF Cross Section name/material.

Note: Only “Manufactured” type SAF Cross Sections can be added here, since they use standard names.