Segmentation Settings (Export to SAF)

Access SAF Translator settings at:

File > Interoperability > SAF > SAF Translators.

This panel affects the SAF export of 2D Members that are generated from curved Walls.

Note: This is an export option only. The effects of this option are not visible in ARCHICAD. 

No Segmentation: This is the default option. If your receiving structural analysis software can handle curved 2D Members generated from curved Walls, use this default.

Segment 2D Member of Curved Wall: Use this option only if your receiving structural analysis software cannot handle curved Walls. The curved 2D Member will be exported as multiple segments.

In the Central Angle field: Define a maximum central angle for the resulting segments.

The resulting segments will approximate the central angle you have defined (without exceeding it), but are subject to the following adjustments:

-If the curved Wall contains additional nodes besides its endpoints (e.g. structural nodes where a connecting element meets the Wall), then segments will be created so that their endpoints coincide with these existing nodes.

-Based on these node locations, actual Central angle values (and segment lengths) will vary.

Important Notes

If you choose Segment 2D Member of Curved Wall: the receiving software will generate additional segment endpoints to coincide with the nodes of any Structural Support and Structural Analytical Links that are attached to the curved Wall.

The newly generated, inner edges of the exported Wall segments will have Edge releases set to Rigid (regardless of the Release values of the original Wall edges).