Use Element Property for More Precise Material Mapping

You may need to map a single ARCHICAD Building Material to multiple SAF materials. In Structural Analysis applications, various strength grades might be used for the same material type (e.g. Concrete - C20/25, C30/37, etc.).

1.Check the box to include ‘Use Element Property for more precise mapping’.

2.The property selection pop-up is now available. Choose a single ARCHICAD property to differentiate the Building Material (here, Strength Grade).

Note: The pop-up contains all Properties of the ARCHICAD project. To create or manage Properties and Property Groups, see: Property Manager.

For example, the “Steel - Structural” Building Material in this ARCHICAD model requires three different SAF mapping definitions, using three different Strength Grade values: S 275, S 355 and undefined. 

3.The “Value” column is added to the mapping rule: click in the Value field to enter the relevant data (e.g. S 275 or S 355 for the Steel-Structural Building Material). 

In this model, several ARCHICAD elements use the Steel-Structural Building Material, but with varying values assigned to their Strength Grade property, in the Classification and Properties Panel of Element Settings. 

Important Notes:

In a given ARCHICAD model, only a single Element Property can be used as a value in SAF Material Mapping.

Only string-type Element Properties can be used for SAF Material Mapping.

To map by property value, these values must be assigned to ARCHICAD elements (e.g. in Beam or Column Settings) - not to their Building Materials.