Import SAF File to ARCHICAD

There are two import workflows:

Open the SAF file in ARCHICAD

Use the Model Compare to visualize the differences as part of a bi-directional workflow

Each workflow is summarized below.

Use File > Open

1.Use File > Open and browse for the desired SAF file 

2.In the Open file dialog box, the template file containing SAF Translator settings is shown. If needed, click Options to choose a different template for the SAF Translator.

3.The SAF file is opened in ARCHICAD.

Incoming elements are mapped to ARCHICAD counterparts based on the settings of the SAF Import Translator of the chosen template file. This includes the element’s Layer definition. (See SAF Translator for Import: Settings.)

After import, a “Custom” Layer Combination is activated automatically, in which the Layer Intersection Class is set to zero for all Layers. (This way, automatic priority-based connections do not take place, and the Structural Analytical Model connections are not disturbed.)

The Structural Analytical Model Adjustment Rules are set to “No Rules” - again, to avoid altering the structural analytical model connections.

Use Model Compare

If you are importing back the changes or checking the modifications in the SAF file, it is recommended to use the Model Compare feature (Design > Model Compare).

See Compare Two Structural Analytical Models.