Beam/Column with Multiple Cross-Sections

When generated as a 1D Member in the Structural Analytical Model:

A Beam or Column with multiple cross-sections uses a single Replacement Profile.

The data of this Replacement Profile are used when exporting the 1D Member to analysis programs. The element’s Replacement Profile does not affect its physical model in ARCHICAD.

Why Do You Need a Replacement Profile?

Some Column or Beam elements can use multiple cross-sections and/or several Building Materials:

Multi-segment Beams or Columns

Tapered Beams or Columns

A single Complex Profile with different Profile Modifiers at each end 

Multi-Segment Beam

Yet in the Structural Analytical Model, this Column or Beam generates only a single 1D Member with a single Load-Bearing Profile (defined by you). 

1D Member of Multi-Segment Beam, with Single Load-Bearing Profile

For each 1D element with a variety of cross-sections, you must specify a Replacement Profile in the element Settings dialog box.

Choose Replacement Profile

1.Go to the Structural Analytical Parameters panel of Beam or Column Settings.

2.If the element has a varied cross-section as described above: the Replacement Profile pop-up is available in the preview window. 

3.Click to choose a structure for the element core: Rectangular, Circular, or Complex Profile

For a Complex Profile structure:

Use the pop-up to choose a Profile and set editable parameters (if any). The pop-up includes Profiles which

-are available for Column or Beam (as applicable)

-include at least one core component

Profiles, availability, and their editable modifiers are defined at Options > Element Attributes > Profile Manager.

For a Rectangular or Circular structure:

Use the pop-up to choose its Building Material and its dimensions

4.When exported to SAF format, the 1D member will use the data and dimensions corresponding to this Replacement Profile.

The Replacement Profile does not affect the physical model in ARCHICAD.

You can see it represented in the Structural Analytical Model: turn on Show Profiles of Load-Bearing Cores (from the Structural Analytical Model toolbar).