ARCHICAD Related Permissions

These permissions enable an ARCHICAD user to create, delete/modify, and/or manage particular data types in Teamwork projects using ARCHICAD.

The following are the predefined permissions for Teamwork projects. Most are self-explanatory. In this table, we have added a brief explanation where warranted.

ARCHICAD Related Permissions

ARCHICAD Navigator

Layouts and Subsets - Create

Layouts and Subsets - Delete/Modify

Master layouts - Create

Master layouts - Delete/Modify

Publisher Sets - Create

Publisher Sets - Delete/Modify

Publisher Sets - Publish

Issues – Manage
Enables you to create a new Issue, to include or remove Layouts in the Issue, to edit the data of an open Issue or delete an open Issue, and to close an Issue.

Issues – Modify History
Enables you to reopen a closed Issue and to revise the data (name, ID) of a closed Issue.

Schedules and Indexes - Create

Schedules and Indexes - Delete/Modify

Set Up List Schemes - Manage

Story - Create
Enables you to create a new story using Navigator context menu or the Story Settings dialog box, provided you have reserved that dialog box.

Not associated with the “Viewpoint - Manage” permission.

Story - Delete/Modify
Not associated with the “Viewpoint - Manage” permission.

Viewpoint - Manage
Enables user to create, modify and delete source markers and independent markers (e.g. markers which create a new viewpoint). If you do not have this right, you can only place linked-type Section/Elevation/IE and Detail/Worksheet markers.

Views and Folders - Create

Views and Folders - Delete/Modify

ARCHICAD - Attributes

Building Materials - Create

Building Materials - Delete/Modify

Cities - Create

Cities - Delete/Modify

Composites - Create

Composites - Delete/Modify

Fill types - Create

Fill types - Delete/Modify

Layers/Layer Combinations - Create

Layers/Layer Combinations - Delete/Modify

Line types - Create

Line types - Delete/Modify

MEP System - Create

MEP System - Delete/Modify

Markup styles - Create

Markup styles - Delete/Modify

Surfaces - Create

Surfaces - Delete/Modify

Operation Profile - Create

Operation Profile - Delete/Modify

Pen sets - Create

Pen sets - Delete/Modify

Profiles - Create

Profiles - Delete/Modify

Renovation Override Styles - Manage (in AC projects up to v19)

Zone categories - Create

Zone categories - Delete/Modify


Design Tool Elements
All ARCHICAD tools listed in the Design Tools sub-menu

Document Tool Elements
All ARCHICAD tools listed in the Documenting Tools sub-menu

Grid tool elements


3D Styles - Create

3D Styles - Delete/Modify

Element Transfer Settings - Create

Element Transfer Settings - Delete/Modify

Favorites - Create

Favorites - Delete/Modify

Graphic Overrides - Create

Graphic Overrides - Delete/Modify

IFC Translators - Manage

Markup Entry - Create

Markup Entry - Delete/Modify

Model view options - Create

Model view options - Delete/Modify

PLN Snapshot - Use computer for creation
Enables PLN snapshots (scheduled in BIMcloud Manager) to be run on this user’s computer.

Classification and Properties - Create

Classification and Properties - Delete/Modify

Public Find/Select criteria - Create

Public Find/Select criteria - Delete/Modify

Rendering scene - Create

Rendering scene - Delete/Modify

Renovation Filter - Create

Renovation Filter - Delete/Modify

Change - Create

Change – Delete/Modify


Save as DXF/DWG

Save as IFC

Update to later ARCHICAD build

ARCHICAD - Details, Info

Project Info

Project Location

Project Notes

Project Preferences

Project Preview

ARCHICAD - External Content

Add-ons setup - Manage
Enables user to load/unload the project’s Add-ons as listed in the Add-On Manager

External Drawings - Manage
Enables user to place drawings from an external source and to link placed drawings to an external source.

Hotlink Instances

Enables user to reserve, modify or delete instances of placed hotlink modules. Enables user to place additional instances of project’s existing hotlinks.

Does not enable user to manage hotlinks of the project.

Hotlink and XREF - Manage
Enables user to add new hotlinks to the project, and to perform all commands in the Hotlink Manager. Enables user to attach XREFs and to manage XREF sources in the XREF Manager.

IFC Project Manager - Manage
Enables user to reserve and modify data (project, building, site, IfcGroup, IfcZone properties) in the IFC Project Manager dialog box (File > Interoperability > IFC Project Manager). Element-level Ifc Properties can be edited in IFC Manager only for elements which are not reserved by another user.

Note: No permission is needed to edit IFC properties of elements in their Settings dialog box, if you have reserved the elements.

Libraries - Add/Remove: Enables user to add BIMcloud Libraries to the project using the Library Manager. (Does not enable user to manage server libraries - that requires permissions on the BIMcloud Manager.)

Library Part - Create

Library Part - Delete/Modify

XREF instances
Enables user to reserve, modify or delete XREF instances. Enables user to attach additional instances of project’s existing XREFs.

Does not enable user to manage XREFs of the project.