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How to create cladding using the new Curtain Wall tool

With the new Curtain Wall tool, released on ARCHICAD 22 Version, it is possible to create many different Panel Classes straight from the Curtain Wall Setting Dialog. You can even create a Cladding Panel using the new GDL Panel Type called CW Composite Panel 22.

How to create a custom Grid Pattern Scheme for the Curtain Wall

Use the Scheme page of Curtain Wall Settings to set up a Grid Pattern for the Curtain Wall. The best way to start a custom grid is deleting any existing grid. For that click on the Clear Pattern button on top right side of the scheme preview window.

Curtain Wall Tool - Intersection Priorities

With the release of AC22 arrived the flexibility to have 19 different intersection priorities for frames, which can be assigned to Frame Classes or to individual frames, regardless of it's class or type.

Labeling Curtain Walls

Like any other element, you can label a Curtain Wall or any of its visible members individually, on the Floor Plan as well as in Section view. ...