Witold Szymanik about GRAPHISOFT

Witold Szymanik talks about the challenges and successes at GRAPHISOFT. Our biggest challenge through all these years working with GRAPHISOFT, was overcoming the difficulties we came across couple of years…


Alberto Salmon talks about GRAPHISOFT

See more videos like this on ArchiCAD30 website: www.archicad.com “My biggest challenge is helping other professionals, changing learning by doing, also the way we implement the learning to the work…


Martin Schnitzer about GRAPHISOFT

We have conducted interviews with our veteran partners on our International Partner Conference asking them what was their biggest challenge and what was the . See more interview on www.archicad.com…


Aleka Georgara about GRAPHISOFT

Aleka has been working with us since almost the beginning. We were happy that on our yearly partner conference she shared some of her experiences with us. Find more videos…


Gabor Konecsni about GRAPHISOFT

Gabor has been working with us since almost the beginning. We were happy that on our yearly partner conference he shared some of his experiences with us. “Kono” is currently…


Sergio Rodriguez about GRAPHISOFT

See more interviews here: www.archicad.com In this episode, Sergio is now leading our office in Mexico. Learn how he see our future and past at GRAPHISOFT. “It is not so…


Araujo Gomes about GRAPHISOFT

As part of GRAPHISOFT’s ‘ArchiCAD is 30’ interview series, we spoke with Araujo Gomes of Portugal and learned why he decided to join GRAPHISOFT in 2001. He shared what he…


Pauli Jantunen about GRAPHISOFT

www.archicad.com – You can find all the interviews with our partners and distributors. On this one Pauli form Finland talks about ArchiCAD. Follow us: www.facebook.com/archicadwww.twitter.ocm/archicad


Gábor Bojár about GRAPHISOFT

ArchiCAD turned 30 years old in 2014. Gabor Bojár, the founder of GRAPHISOFT tells the beginning of our story. “For every technology company the largest challenge is to access to…