ArchiCAD 17 New Features – Detailed energy performance report in XLS

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Custom Operation Profiles

Define custom Operation Profiles (in addition to default profiles) to fine-tune occupancy according to local regulations or to match actual building usage Hourly scheduling for the entire reference year guarantees accurate input of occupancy patterns

Model-based Solar Irradiation Study

Model-Based Solar Irradiation Study determines precise solar gain through each individual opening in the building envelope Graphical Solar Analysis feedback for each opening        Solar analysis also considers shading effects of building…

Easy Creation and Visualization of Thermal Blocks

A project’s Thermal Blocks are defined by the user; their geometry consists of one or more ArchiCAD zones. Each Thermal Block (e.g. Stairwell, Office, Basement, Technical Area) typically has its own energy characteristics and needs. Define thermal blocks…

Anchor Door/Window Reveal to Wall Core

Anchor the Door/Window reveal to either the Wall face or the Wall core. For example, you anchor a window to a composite Wall’s core. If you later make changes in the composite structure (e.g. thicker insulation), the reveal depth is automatically…

More Intuitive Element Creation in 3D Window

In the 3D window, element input takes place at the elevation at which you click; the input plane snaps to the corresponding story level in space. (The “current story” option for defining element location in 3D is eliminated.) In 3D window and in Section…

Automatic Model-Based Junctions

Ability to configure all construction elements so that when they intersect or collide, their display accurately and automatically reflects their construction - particularly in section views, used as the basis for detail drawings. Most of the junctions of…