Troubleshooting Guide for LAT (License Activation Tool)

by Katalin Borszéki · updated: 04.07.2014

The License Activation Tool (LAT) does not support double-byte/special characters in the Windows login name.
double-byte character set (DBCS) is a character encoding in which all characters are encoded in two bytes. A DBCS supports national languages that contain a large number of unique characters or symbols. Examples of such languages include Japanese and Chinese.

Avoid using language specific double-byte characters in the Windows login name (C:\Users\username path).

LAT is capable of license transfers from WIBU to Codemeter, in certain cases. The process is as follows:

  • Plug in the Wibu key Start License Activation Tool Program the key. This will delete the licenses from the Wibu key.
  • Unplug the Wibu key Plug in the CodeMeter key Program the CM key to load the licenses into that key.

Generally LAT has the same functionality as the website: had before.

For additional help, contact your local support.

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