Translator List.xml

by GRAPHISOFT and lnagy · updated: 03.01.2012

The ‘Translator List.Xml’file is located in the following folder:

  • On PC: C:/Users/<USER>/AppData/Roaming/Graphisoft/AC/Dxf-Dwg Preferences

  • On the Mac: /Users/<USER>/Library/Preferences/Graphisoft/AC/x86/Dxf-Dwg Preferences

Translator List.XML is automatically created or updated upon saving a DXF/DWG file with a new Translator or a duplicated Default Translator . It consists of a list of all XML files used to store all of the various translating parameters.


When you save settings (with either ‘Save’ or ‘Save Settings & Close’) in the dialog above, any changes made in the list of Translators will be saved to the ‘Translator List.Xml’ file.

There are some things worth knowing about its workings:

  1. In the above list, the status of a Translator is ‘MISSING’ if the file cannot be found at the location stored in ‘Translator List.Xml’.
  2. If you delete ‘Translator List.Xml’, the next time you enter this Dialog, the Default Translator built into the DXF/DWG Add-On will be the only item on the list and it will be LOCKED.
  3. There is only one file for the whole system. This is important if you (A) use several language versions of ArchiCAD 14 on the same machine [very rare] or (B) you use several versions of ArchiCAD 14 on the same machine.

So, if a user is using an INT version and used several different Translator Files, when he uses a GER version, he will have in the list displayed not his default German-language Translator File, but the Translator Files just used in the INT version.
The case is the same when using e.g. R1 and R2 of ArchiCAD 14 on the same machine. (This is another rare scenario). If you feel you are not getting the desired result, you might not be using the correct Translator Files. In this case just delete the ‘Translator List.Xml’. Then the next time the only available Translator in the list will be the default for your language version. The ‘Translator List.Xml’ file will be recreated with the next save of changes made in the Dialog.

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