Importing Terrain from Google Earth

It is possible to import both the terrain and the texture information from Google Earth to ArchiCAD 16 through the free version of Trimble SketchUp . You will need to install: SketchUp from here: The Google Earth Connections Add-On from…



Hotlinked Modules allow you to insert the contents of external ArchiCAD files (sources) into the currently open Project (host).

MEP Frequently Asked Questions

All versions How do I edit MEP elements in ArchiCAD without the add-on loaded? If a project created in an MEP environment is reopened using ArchiCAD only (without MEP Modeler), the MEP objects are available, although locked for editing. If you wish to…



ForWikiEditors : ToDo/ – check and update article Artlantis is a popular and easy-to-use rendering application for ArchiCAD and other CAD software. It is developed by the French software company Abvent Among the features of Artlantis are a real-time…


Google Earth Connections

  The Google Earth Connection (GEC) Add-On package enables integration between ArchiCAD, Google Earth , SketchUp and 3D Warehouse through .kmz and .skp file formats. This capability moves users past the Building Information Model to the virtual…