Tips to use the Project Information

by GRAPHISOFT and Katalin Götz · updated: 05.24.2013

With the help of Project Info, you can add information to the currently opened project, like Project Name, Status, Architect Name, Company, Client Name, Address, etc.

The dialog box is available through File » Info » Project Info.

Managing Project Info

The predefined items can be expanded with any number of custom Project Info Items. If you need more space, select the item and click the three dots (…) at the right end of the field. For some fields (e.g. Site ir Architect Full Address) more complete entry fields are available.

Use the buttons at right to manage Project Info entries.

  • Add: Click to add a new custom Project Info entry to the currently selected group.
  • Remove: Click to delete the selected custom item.
  • Import: Click to load another Project Info .xml file.
  • Export: Click this button to save the current project info data as an .xml file which can be loaded into any other ArchiCAD project.
    This can be useful when setting up company-standard Project Info data.

How to Use Project Info Data

The Project Info content is available for use as AutoText entries. AutoText helps you to insert project information easily in both Model Views and Layouts.

Step 1: Add Project Info

Open the Project Info dialog box (File/Info/Project Info) and fill in the Project, Architect and/or Client data.

See also: AutoTextAnnotation

Step 2: Place AutoText

In most cases and in our example the AutoText elements are placed on Master Layouts. To insert it, open the Master Layout and activate Text tool from Toolbar. Click on screen and select the “Insert Autotext” button in the Formatting Palette (signed in the image below).

The appearing dialog lists the possible AutoText choices, containing the Project & Site, Architect or Client Details entered in Project Info. Select the one you need and place it as a simple Text.



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