How to define custom preview image for a BIMx Hyper-model

by Csaba Kézér · updated: 06.19.2015

Did you know that you can control the preview image displayed for your BIMx Hyper-model? You can either use the image of any 3D view or layout sheet of your project or you can set a different image to be displayed as the preview image. This picture will be visible on the BIMx Model Transfer Site and in the BIMx models list.

{i} For BIMx 3D only models the project preview is always the view from which the BIMx file was exported.

Set up a specific image as the preview

In the Project Preview dialog you can import any image file to set it up as the preview image. Project Preview can be opened from File > Info menu in ARCHICAD:

and load the desired image in with the Browse… button.

/!\ Once the image is loaded into the Project Preview it won’t be possible to delete it, you can only replace it with another image.

If there is no image defined for the Project Preview

ARCHICAD will use the preview image from the first item on the BIMx Publisher set. You can freely drag & drop layouts and 3D views into this list and re-order them.

You can change this anytime by reordering the views and layouts in the publisher set with the drag & drop method.


As a result the project preview in the BIMx models list is shown as set in ArchiCAD. The upper project shows who a preview image looks like when its generated from the 3D view, while in the second case a photo was placed into the Project Preview Picture dialog.

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