Listing Component Data of Complex Structures

by GRAPHISOFT and Katica Avvakumovits · updated: 10.10.2011

Interactive Schedules allow you to list the individual components of composite and complex structures.

When creating a new Interactive Schedule scheme, you can select whether the scheme should list information on Construction Elements or Components. Also, the Fields panel of the Scheme Settings dialog box contains a group of available parameters: the Components group. This lets you select among listing parameters that are specific to composite/complex structures.
The Component list works for composite and complex structures: composite Walls (whether straight or curved), Slabs, and Roofs, and complex Walls, Columns and Beams.

For general information on this feature, see Interactive Schedule in ArchiCAD Help.

Follow these steps to list the component quantities of a Complex Wall:

Step 1: Place Complex Wall

Create the section of the complex Wall in the Profile Manager Palette, or select an existing Profile from the available ones. In this example, we created a Slanted Wall with Face brick on its exterior side. Place the Wall on the Floor Plan.

For general information on creating a complex element, see Place a Wall/Column/Beam with a Complex Profile in ArchiCAD Help.


Step 2: Create Component Schedule

Go to the Scheme Settings Dialog Box: use the Document > Schedules and Lists > Schedules > Scheme Settings command.

In the Schemes panel, select the Components by Layer item, and open the Fields panel. Note the selected item in the Schedule Fields area.


Step 3: Open Component Schedule

Click OK to leave the dialog box. From the Navigator, double-click the Components by Layer schemes (listed under Schedules\Component). The generated Interactive Schedule appears. As you can see, the various components of the complex Wall are listed separately.


How Interactive Schedule works

Modify Wall width or height

Go back to the Floor Plan or the 3D Window, and modify the width or height of the Wall by stretching it or by entering new values. See Modifying Complex Profile Elements in ArchiCAD Help.

Go back to the Components by Layer schedule. Notice that the values of the various components have been updated according to the change in the Wall’s geometry.


Place Windows

Go back to the Floor Plan, and place several Windows into the Wall. Again check the updated Interactive Schedule. As you can see, the values of the various components have changed to reflect the insertion of the Windows.


Create Curved Wall

Go back to the Floor Plan and select the complex Wall. Using the Pet Palette command, convert the straight complex Wall into a curved complex Wall. See Curve/Straighten Element Edge in ArchiCAD Help.

Again, check the updated Interactive Schedule. As you can see, the Components are correctly listed even for Curved Complex Walls.


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