Retina Display Compatibility

by GRAPHISOFT, Marton Kiss and Katalin Götz · updated: 10.04.2012


Apple has introduced the innovative Retina Display feature on its new products. It provides high resolution for sharp and vibrant screen display.

This article describes the Retina Display compatibility with GRAPHISOFT products.




iOS Devices – iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch


The latest version of BIMx on iOS fully exploits the possibilities of the Retina Display. The application has already been updated to support the latest devices.
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Here is a screenshot of BIMx running in HiDPI environment:



Please note that the image is re-scaled. Click here to see the cropped image in original resolution.

MacBook Pro with Retina Display


Apple has recently released the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. GRAPHISOFT is actively working on support for this new technology.


Retina Display support in ArchiCAD 16

  • ArchiCAD 16 is fully functional on Retina Displays. Benefits of using ArchiCAD in full Retina (HiDPI) mode include: remarkably sharp and smooth 2D element and text display.
  • ArchiCAD 16 Hotfix 2 (3270) contains some further improvements:
    • Extended support for trace reference
    • Retina (HiDPI) resolution support in 3D design environment (OpenGL, Internal Engine)
    • Minor fixes to icons

Retina Display support in ArchiCAD 15

  • ArchiCAD 15 currently has usability issues when used in HiDPI mode: popup windows might appear outside of the visible screen. GRAPHISOFT is going to address this issue in an upcoming update. Until that, we recommend using ArchiCAD 15 in normal resolution (HiDPI mode turned off) on the new MacBookPro computers: open Applications and highlight ArchiCAD within the Graphisoft folder. Choose Get Info and check in the Open in Low Resolution mode. See the steps detailed:
  • Further improvements that are scheduled in a later update of ArchiCAD 15:
  • The possibility of providing full HiDPI support for ArchiCAD 15 in 3D design environment is under investigation by GRAPHISOFT.

Retina Display support in ArchiCAD 14 and earlier

  • GRAPHISOFT does not plan to update ArchiCAD 14 and older versions of ArchiCAD to support HiDPI mode on devices equipped with Retina Display. We recommend to run these versions in normal resolution: choose Get Info and check in the Open in Low Resolution mode.
    To reach this dialog:

    • Right click or ctrl-click the application icon in the Applications folder
    • select Get Info
    • check the Open in low resolution mode checkbox

    See the steps also on Apple’s site:

Here is a sneak peak of ArchiCAD running in HiDPI environment:



Click here to see the cropped image in original resolution.

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