Extending Notebook display to Multiple Monitors

by GRAPHISOFT and Andor Szőke · updated: 07.14.2006
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Matrox’s DualHead2Go – desktop expansion for architects using Archicad

Matrox has recently introduced their external monitor devices (“GXM – Graphics eXpansion Modules”), which suit the needs of any user who wants to gain their productivity through multi-display. It effectively multiplies the number of monitors architects can work with – an easy and comfortable solution to extend their desktop space. We tested it and can confirm: it works well with Archicad 9 and 10. Here’s Ivo Venkov’s NHS Building model splashed across two screens:


The DualHead2Go is a volume product, aimed at all the CAD users that want to use two symmetric displays so they can e.g. properly stretch out their models or compare plans on the dual external displays – while using their laptop (or desktop) as a third screen for e.g. email, internet, or part lists. The resulting desktop space the user will get is huge: e.g. 1440×900 (laptop) + 2x 1280×1024 (2x 19″ LCD) => 3,9 megapixel.

Now there’s also a TripleHead2Go, adding a three-screen-option (plus your own laptop display)

For further information go directly to Matrox:


  • In theory it also works on the MAC platform, but it isn’t officially announced.

Users should make sure that the graphics card that DualHead2Go (TripleHead2Go) will be connected to is able to produce the desired display resolutions, and that the card can offer both 2D and 3D functionality with Archicad.

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