Quick Time

by GRAPHISOFT and Katalin Götz · updated: 07.11.2012

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Create Fly-Through

Access this dialog box from Document > Creative Imaging > Create Fly-Through . The Create Fly-Through command will only be active if you have at least one Preset Parallel Projection or an animation path with at least two Cameras. The Fly-Through…


Creating a movie of the project allows you to present your final design to your clients under a variety of angles. This ArchiCAD feature is called a Fly-Through. To create this animated view of your project, you place a series of Cameras that define a…


The ArchiCAD PhotoRendering feature allows you to create photorealistic images of the model as a snapshot of the current state of the project. PhotoRendering allows you to go far beyond the possibilities offered by the views created in the 3D Window. This…