Education License Renewal

by GRAPHISOFT and Marton Kiss · updated: 09.29.2011 · RefID: 127175

{i} Note: this issue is fixed in ArchiCAD 15 Hotfix #1 (3267)


After the education license has expired there is no way to renew the license on ArchiCAD. ArchiCAD starts with a protection key error such as No valid License key found (111) or No WIBU-KEY driver found (501).

  • Error_230.png
    • Edu_bug_ErrorOnWindows.png


There is a bug that the License Renewal dialog does not come up when the license has already expired.


The following possibilities can solve the problem:

  1. Install the latest hotfix for AchiCAD 15
    • Start ArchiCAD
    • Choose Check for updates in help menu
    • Download and install the package
    • Run ArchiCAD and click on License Renewal
  2. Extend the license before the 30 day serial expires
    • Click on License Renewal when ArchiCAD starts


    • follow the link to be able to obtain the extended license
    • enter the new serial to the dialog


  3. If the serial has already expired the new serial can be used without installing the hotfix. To do that, reinstall ArchiCAD with the new serial:
    • Uninstall ArchiCAD
      • On PC remove the program e.g. from Control panel, choose Add or Remove Programs and uninstall ArchiCAD
      • On Mac run the from /Applications/Graphisoft/ArchiCAD 15/Uninstall.AC
    • Install it again by using the extended serial