License File Request Generation Process

by GRAPHISOFT and Greg Kmethy · updated: 10.05.2009

Creating an Inactive License to enable license borrowing, in the case you do not have an Internet connection on your machine

The first time you try to borrow a license – whether an “Act” (soft) license or a “Key” (CodeMeter Stick) license – you will be warned that you have an “Inadequate License.” You must first obtain a so-called “inactive” license via an automated internet transaction with Graphisoft. Since you are not online, click Generate Request.


The following dialog box appears. Now click Generate Request (again).


You are prompted to save the License Request file (a ZIP file) to the location of your choice (such as a pen drive). Click Save.


The License Request file is generated:


Click OK.

Now go to a machine that has an internet connection. Navigate to Here, browse to the location of the saved license ZIP file (“ LicenseRequest .ZIP”), and then click Upload License Request.


The File Download dialog box appears. Click Save to save this new license file to the location of your choice (such as a pen drive).


Return to your own machine, and once again go to Help > License Information, and click Borrow.

Once again, the Inadequate License dialog box appears. Once again, click Generate Request:


Next, since you have already obtained an updated license file, click Import Request.


Navigate to the location of your updated license file (the file extension is WIBUCMRAU), and click Open. The process is now complete.


This process, creating an “inactive” license locally before you can borrow, is necessary only once. Henceforth, each “borrow” and “return” function will alternately activate and deactivate that license file.

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