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by GRAPHISOFT and Marton Kiss · updated: 06.12.2016

Here you can find a summary of the functions accessible from CodeMeter WebAdmin administrative page. Only the necessary functions are explained, so please do not change the others without reading Wibu’s manual (can be found at the bottom of this page).

How to run WebAdmin

After a successful installation run CodeMeter Control Center:

  • On Mac: is located in Applications
  • On PC: CodeMeter Control Center can be run from the start menu

Click on the WebAdmin button located in the lower left corner of the window.

{i} Alternative options:

Features of WebAdmin


The Home tab collects basic information about your computer, CodeMeter and network settings. The Host Name button shows which computer’s settings are displayed. Other computers can be selected by clicking this button, if remote administration is enabled on their CodeMeter WebAdmin/Configuration/WebAdmin tab.


This tab displays information about the connected CodeMeter keys.

1., CmStick

CmStick you can choose between the connected keys
Name the name of the key: no name by default, Graphisoft Borrowable License File for borrowed licenses
Hardware type of key/license connected: CmStick if the key is physical, CmAct if software
Status the key can be disabled/enabled here

2., Licenses

The licenses on the key are displayed here. For more details click on the license’s Product Code.


1., Cluster

The licenses on the chosen server are listed.

2., User

The used license from the server are listed on this page. Click on Details to see the client’s IP address.


1., Network

Network Port the network communication port (by default 22350, in general cases use that port)
Run Network Server activate this to use the computer as a CodeMeter network server. (example: you have a NET10 key which contains 10 licenses and you want to use those from 10 clients. In that case you have to run a CodeMeter network server on the computer where the key is plugged in.)
Server Search List define the IP address of the server you want to use a license from. If the list is empty the computer will search accessible licenses on every CodeMeter server in the LAN region (you can specify multiple servers, ARCHICAD will search for free licenses in the order as on the list. If you have more CodeMeter keys, you can divide the computers between those.)

2., Access Control

Manage who can use a license from the server. If the list is empty then anyone on the local network can use a license. After editing this, only the specified IP addresses can access licenses from the server.

3., WebAdmin

Define whether the computer’s WebAdmin site accessible by other computers on the local network. You can allow or deny remote read and write access and you can choose the language of the WebAdmin page.

How to manage WebAdmin from an other computer:

  • Allow remote access on the computer which you would like to manage
  • Open a browser and type serveripaddress or name:portnumber/ for example:
  • Alternate option: open WebAdmin and on the Home tab/Host Name choose the computer from the list

This function helps the BIM managers to manage the licenses without logging in on the computer running the CodeMeter server.

4., Borrowing

Check Overwrite Entry Settings to Overwrite the factory defaults. The expiration date of the borrowed license is shown in the Product Information section of the License Information dialog box. By default, the borrowing period for a license for a GRAPHISOFT product is 30 days. Here you can change this borrowing period to be shorter (but not longer) in minutes, and you can limit the maximum quantity of borrowable licenses. Also the Server Identification can be set here. On networks where DNS service is not working properly IP address identification can be useful.

Some help to convert days to minutes:

1 day 1440 minutes
2 days 2880 minutes
3 days 4320 minutes
7 days 10080 minutes
14 days 20160 minutes

{i} Please note the maximum borrowing duration is 30 days.

Wibu’s official guides

This article is based on these manuals.

CodeMeter Quick Start Guide
CodeMeter Administrator Manual
Wibu Manuals download page

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