How to set the time out on a CodeMeter server

by Gábor Almási · updated: 06.15.2016


What does this value show?

This value shows when a not responding license will be reset on a CodeMeter server. Until the end of this period the license is unavailable when the client lose the connection with the server. The default time out time is 120 minutes.

When do I need to change this?

Changing this value can be useful when one of the below is happening often

  • • connection is lost between the server and the client
    • the client crashes

How to change the time out value?

On a Mac

In /Library/Preferences/com.wibu.CodeMeter.Server.ini file change the ” CleanUpTimeOut =” value. This value shows the time in minutes.

On a PC

In registry change the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WIBU-SYSTEMS\CodeMeter\Server\ CurrentVersion ] key’s ” CleanUpTimeOut ” value. This value shows the time in minutes.

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