ArchiCAD license types

All available GRAPHISOFT license types, file compatibility between Full, Solo, Educational, Trial and Start Edition versions


Emergency License

What’s coveredWhat is Emergency License?Key features of the emergency license:EligibilityContent of Emergency LicensesWorkflowForwarding Activation CodesSupported ArchiCAD versions What is Emergency License? Emergency License is a 5-day temporary license that users…

software key

Software Key FAQ

Software-Based Protection Keys – or Software Keys for short – have the same functionality as Hardware-based Protection Keys, but instead of storing software licenses on an USB stick, the licenses are stored in a software container file on your computer.


WibuKey software protection for GRAPHISOFT products

WibuKey features About the available protection systems About WibuKey software protection How to set up a WibuKey server How to manage users on the server side Troubleshooting Troubleshooting guide How to report errors Useful links ArchiCAD license…


Remote Key Upgrade

WIBU hardware protection keys (WibuKey and CodeMeter) for GRAPHISOFT products can be remotely programmed via: If you have recently purchased a GRAPHISOFT product (ArchiCAD, BIMx, MEP modeler, license borrowing option), you…


Accessing an ArchiCAD Protection key remotely

Note: This article describes how to set up the ArchiCAD client computer to remotely access a ProtectionKey shared via the Internet. The server-side setup is described in these articles: Sharing a WibuKey Sharing a CodeMeter key To be able to remotely…


Education License Renewal

Note: this issue is fixed in ArchiCAD 15 Hotfix #1 (3267) Issue After the education license has expired there is no way to renew the license on ArchiCAD. ArchiCAD starts with a protection key error such as No valid License key found (111) or No WIBU-KEY…

ArchiCAD Protection Key Compatibility

ArchiCAD Protection Key Types ArchiCAD requires a hardware protection key to run in unlimited “full” or “commercial” mode. The following protection key types exist to date:   Make Connection type Introduced With Version Compatible With Version…