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by GRAPHISOFT and Marton Kiss · updated: 07.26.2012

Exploring the building on a mobile device is designed to be easy and intuitive. The best way to learn these methods is to try them out.




If you are outside the building, use one finger to Orbit the model as a whole. (Slide one finger across the screen to turn the building.)

Turn in Place

If you are inside the building, slide one finger across the screen to turn in place.


Use two fingers to Pan. (Slide two fingers across the screen to move the building.) You can freely go through the walls when you Pan.

BIM Info

BIM information (Element name and ID, height, size, volume) of elements can be displayed on your mobile application.
To display it, turn on the BIM Info in the Settings dialog inside BIMx


On the screen, pinch two fingers together, then apart again, to Zoom in and out. You can freely go through the walls when you Zoom.

Fit in Window

Click the house icon (at the top right of the screen) to fit the entire building on the screen.

Go to Location

Tap on a surface (a target icon appears), then tap the icon to Go to that location.

Walk Through the Door

If you tap on a door, a running-man icon appears. Now tap this icon to walk through the door.

Walk Around in the Building

To walk around in the building, use the joystick at the lower right corner:

  • Joystick Up to walk forward.
  • Joystick Down to walk backward.
  • Joystick Right/Left to turn in place.

You can use both thumbs to navigate. While moving forward and backward with the joystick, turn the view simultaneously with your other thumb.

You can also turn in place using one finger, without the Joy-stick.

As you use the joystick, a small arrow appears at the bottom of the screen to indicate your position in the building.

TIP: You can move the joystick to the left side of the screen, if needed:

  • on iOS: use the “Left-Handed” control in iPhone/iPad Device Settings. To change the speed effect while using the joystick, use the “Navigation Speed” control in BIMx Application Settings.
  • on Android: move the Joystick to the left of your screen by selecting Settings/ Navigation/ Joystick > Left-handed option.

Fly Mode

“Fly” mode means that gravity has no effect on you, and that you can pass through walls.

Fly Mode is On “Outside” of the Building: By default, if you are outside the building, you can use the joystick to freely fly over and around it.

Fly Mode is Off “Inside” the Building: Once you enter the building, Fly Mode will be off. As a result:

  • you have to walk on the floor (rather than float)
  • the only way to go up to the second floor is to navigate up the stairs
  • the only way to pass from one room to the next is by going through the door.

If you want to use Fly mode inside as well as outside of the building – and thereby fly through walls and among different stories – change the Fly mode setting to ON in BIMx Application Settings.

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