How to transfer BIMx models to iOS devices

by GRAPHISOFT and Marton Kiss · updated: 01.21.2014

Share the BIMx model on GRAPHISOFT’s BIMx Model Transfer Site

For iOS devices both the regular 3D only and the Hyper-model formats are available.


Share a BIMx Hyper-model

Share a 3D only BIMx model

/!\ Depending on your license you might only be able to upload models Publicly (FULL, EDU and TRIAL users). Private upload possibility with 5GB of own storage space is available only for customers with an active SSA (Software Services Agreement) subscription.

Alternative file sharing possibilities


Save the model in .bimx format

As a first step you need to export your ArchiCAD model as a BIMx model.


Upload through iTunes

iTunes supports file management for installed applications. Follow these instructions to transfer any BIMx model to your mobile device.

  • Connect your iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) to your computer and open iTunes
  • Click on your device in the left column in iTunes
  • Choose Apps in the menu and scroll down to File Sharing
  • Select BIMx
  • Using the Add… and Save to.. buttons you can add and remove any model in .bimx format (drag and drop also works, use backspace to delete a model on Mac or delete key on Windows)


Sending as an email attachment

You can send models as a simple mail attachment, but note that even a small size model can take up more than 10 Megabytes. Not many email providers support such large attachments, so you have to make sure that the recipient’s mailbox is capable of handling the attached model’s size. (e.g. Gmail supports attachments up to 25 Megabytes in size.)

  • attach your model to an email message
  • open the mail on the iOS device
  • tap on the attachment
  • after it is downloaded you will be able to open it in BIMx



Using Dropbox

Dropbox is a very popular cloud based file syncing tool and can be used effectively to share models.

  • Install dropbox on your computer and iOS device as well
  • Place the .bimx file in any of the shared folders
  • Open Dropbox on your iOS device
  • Navigate to the file
  • Use the Open In… in menu to open the model in BIMx
  • your model will be copied to the models within the application and will be opened in BIMx


You can download dropbox from: Registration is free and you get 2GB of space for every account.

With Dropbox you can share folders with other Dropbox users so this can be one of the ways to transfer the model not only to your own device but share with others. You can also share models with clients not having a Dropbox account.

  • Copy the model to the Public folder within your Dropbox folder
  • Right click on it Dropbox/Copy Public Link
  • Send this link to your client who will be able to open it in Safari on iOS, which will open the model in BIMx.



Share the file

You can share a .bimx file in various ways. You can use the traditional FTP protocol or any other file storage such as WebDav , Cloud based storage (Amazon) or simple network shares (afp, smb) etc… By default these connections are not supported on the operating system level, but with applications available in the iOS App Store you can use these. (iFiles, FileBrowser) Of course the perviously mentioned Dropbox also does belong to this category.

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