BIMx License Types

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BIMx for iOS devices

There are two applications available in the App Store: BIMx and BIMx PRO.

{i} Please note that there is no need to have both of the applications installed. Independently from the method of how a license was purchased both applications have the exact same functionality.

BIMx for Android devices

BIMx for Android is a free application that can be used to view the 3D content of BIMx Hyper-models. PRO features can be enabled with one of the following options:

BIMx mobile features

BIMx BIMx PRO BIMx PRO & Share a Model
Features iOS & Android Android iOS
3D content +  + +
Stereo Mode +  + +
Gravity +  + +
Floor-plan Cutaway +  + +
Egress recognition +  + +
Zone display and room labels +  + +
Cloud Storage Access + + +
Get PRO features with BIMcloud User License (BCU) +
2D Content +  + +
Hyperlinked 2D&3D +  + +
Smooth Transitions +  + +
All-round 3D Cutaways +  + +
2D in the Model Context +  + +
Custom Per-Element Info sets +  + +
Print Support (iOS & Android)  + +
Data detection on schedules  +  + +
Access BIMx elements via hyperlinks + +
Measure tool +



From ArchiCAD 17 the BIMx license is integrated into the ARCHICAD license in most countries. This means that if you have an ArchiCAD 17 or newer license you will be capable of using BIMx Desktop with full functionality. (In Japan and Switzerland the BIMx license is still separately available.)

{i} Before ArchiCAD 17 AC and BIMx/VBE licenses were separated, therefore earlier versions of BIMx won’t run with ArchiCAD 17 or newer licenses.

Commercial BIMx license

With a commercial license you can:

  • Publish BIMx models to the BIMx Model Transfer site publicly that can be viewed on various platforms (iOS/Android/Mac/Win)
  • Save .bimx files that can be opened in the BIMx Desktop app and in the BIMx viewer
  • For private file transfer possibilities upgrade to an SSA account or take a look at the alternative file transfer options for iOS and Android platforms.

If you have an active SSA (Software Services Agreement) subscription, on the BIMx Model Transfer Site you are entitled to use the Premium functions of the Service, listed below:

  • A BIMx Company Account that the company’s members can access
  • 5GB of Private storage space per company
  • Hidden and optionally password protected links for the uploaded BIMx files

{i} If you have a BIMx license and you would like to open an educational model in BIMx: disable/unplug your protection key.

Trial BIMx license

Trial license can be registered on anyone can try ARCHICAD for 30 days with BIMx included. With a trial license:

  • You get 100% same functionality as the full commercial license in the Trial period
  • Saved “trial” BIMx models can only be opened on the same computer where they were created

Educational BIMx license

A 30 days Educational license can be registered on The license can be extended to 1 year by registering the student ID with the local reseller. With an educational license:

  • You get 100% same functionality as the full commercial license until your Educational license is valid
  • An “EDUCATIONAL VERSION” watermark will be visible in the corner of the BIMx application when it opens a .bimx file saved with ARCHICAD’s EDU version

BIMx Viewer Application

BIMx Viewer is a free application that can be installed and used separately from the BIMx Desktop Application (installed with ARCHICAD). It is ideal for Clients who don’t need ARCHICAD but would like to view their BIMx model on a Desktop platform. BIMx Viewer has a few limitations comapred to the licensed Application:

  • Models can’t be shared to the BIMx Model Transfer Site
  • Global Illumination can’t be calculated
  • Models can’t be resaved

BIMx file saving/opening compatibility

Format BIMx Desktop Application     BIMx mobile
  Licensed Mode Viewer mode     Viewer mode
License type Commercial Educational Trial     –
Save .bimx files + +* +**     –
Share models on the BIMx Model Transfer site + +* +     –
Open commercial BIMx files + +     +
Open educational BIMx files + +     +
Open trial BIMx files +**     –


* Models saved in educational version will have EDUCATIONAL watermark ** Models saved with the trial version can be opened only on the same computer as they were created on

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