BIMx Frequently Asked Questions

by GRAPHISOFT, Marton Kiss, Katalin Götz, Tünde Ómajtényi and Csaba Kézér · updated: 02.27.2015

What makes BIMx for mobile devices unique compared to other 3D viewers?

Most 3D model viewers for the mobile devices are generic purpose viewers. This means their navigation functionalities are basically limited to 3D orbit, pan and zoom. BIMx has a lot more to offer than that (selective list):

  • It is a full “natural” building explorer environment – with gravity and egress recognition just to mention examples – that is with all the necessary UI features that make or break great user experience
  • It has sophisticated visual filters (views) to provide a high quality architectural presentation environment such as stereoscopic view etc.
  • It is integrated with an ecosystem of the desktop application and the online model sharing community

Model Transfer

I have my BIM project created in ArchiCAD, how can I export it as a BIMx model?

If you use ArchiCAD 17 or newer, you have two options:

  • Save a regular BIMx 3D model from ‘File/Save as…/BIMx’
  • Publish a BIMx Hyper-model for your iOS device with the BIMx PRO functionality

If you have ArchiCAD 16, you can export the model with the ‘File/Export for BIMx…’ option


How can I send BIMx models to my clients?

Use GRAPHISOFT’s BIMx Cloud service to share your model with others. There are two ways to upload your model:


Find further options for model transfer to Android and iOS devices here:


How can I register a BIMx Company Account?

When you upload a BIMx model to GRAPHISOFT’s Could service for the first time with your protection key you will be requested to create a so-called BIMx Company Account where you can store your uploaded models. Follow the steps of the registration process here.


How to save a .bimx file format from BIMx Desktop Viewer

Choose File/Save to save the model in .bimx format.
If the Save and Share buttons do not appear, either the file and ArchiCAD license types do not match (for details, please visit BIMx/LicenseTypes or check the Known Issues of BIMx.


What is the BIMx Model Transfer Service?

The BIMx Model Transfer Service is a “cloud-service” to share BIMx models with Colleagues and Customers. Models on the BIMx Model Transfer Site are publicly available, but Offices with an active Software Services Agreement are entitled to an additional 5 GB of private storage as well. Find more info about the BIMx Model Transfer Service here.

BIMx Model Transfer Site

Who can access BIMx models on the BIMx Model Transfer Site?

The BIMx Model Transfer Site is accessible in any of the following ways:

  • Through direct page URL:
  • Through direct links to uploaded BIMx models’ download page
  • Through built-in links from mobile devices (iPad/iPhone)

Users can search/browse and download BIMx models from the site without registration or log-in.


Who can upload BIMx models onto the BIMx Model Transfer Site?

BIMx models can be uploaded either from ArchiCAD (BIMx Hyper-model) or from BIMx Desktop application (BIMx 3D Only Model). The first time BIMx users want to publish their models to the Transfer Site they will be required to register. Consult this article to read more about setting up the upload environment.

Logon to the BIMx Model Transfer Site is only required to manage one’s uploaded models (edit model details/move or delete models etc.).


What are the different ways for people to register to the BIMx Model Transfer Site?

Registration requires an ArchiCAD/BIMx installation and can be initiated in the following ways:

  • Register from scratch
  • Login (register) with Google or Facebook ID via ArchiCAD or BIMx Desktop Application
  • Login with existing Graphisoft ID, or username/password

Once a Graphisoft ID is created on any of our sites it will be compatible with every other site as well.


What is the difference between My models and My Company tabs in the BIMx profile?

Once signing in to your BIMx profile you can see the My models and My Company tab pages on the top dividing your uploaded BIMx models into two sections:

  • The My models tab contains all models you have uploaded from a Trial or Educational version of ArchiCAD/BIMx Desktop Viewer
  • The My Company tab contains all models you have uploaded using your Company license key


How to upgrade to the latest BIMx version?

Since the release of ArchiCAD 17, BIMx is fully functional with the ArchiCAD license in most Countries (separate BIMx license is only necessary in Japan and Switzerland). To upgrade your current license please contact your local ArchiCAD reseller.


What are the system requirements for BIMx Desktop version?

For detailed description, see System Requirements for BIMx Desktop Viewer.


What are the recommended mobile devices to run BIMx?

The BIMx for Android version was mainly developed to explore 3D models on tablets. Many of the most popular Android tablets have been also tested: Samsung, Asus, Motorola, Archos, Sony etc.
As a general rule, the capability of the processor, memory and GPU influence the usage of BIMx models: more models can be smoothly managed with more memory. The performance speed (FPS) mostly depends on the capabilities of the GPU.

For detailed System Requirements please check this article.


What kinds of license types can I use to create BIMx models for clients?

For all available options see: BIMx License Types


What can cause sudden restart, quit or freeze on my Android or iOS device?

The RAM capability of your device is responsible for managing the BIMx models. If the application restarts, freezes or quits, probably the memory of the device is full and the OS stops the application. To resolve this please follow the model optimising tips in the the BIMx Optimization article.


Is there a difference between the iOS and the Android versions of BIMx?


Can I use BIMx with Start Edition or with Educational/Trial versions?

Yes, all versions have BIMx Add-On (BIM Explorer) as a default part of the ArchiCAD package.

  • the .bimx files saved in the Trial version can be opened only on the computer where they were saved
  • the Educational version’s saved files have an Educational version watermark.

Technical Questions

Where can I find the installed desktop application(s)?

Default BIMx Add-On folders (Add-On + player):

  • On Mac: /Applications/Graphisoft/ArchiCAD version/Add-Ons/BIM Explorer
  • On Windows: C:\Program Files\Graphisoft\ArchiCAD version\Add-Ons\BIM Explorer

Default BIMx Desktop Viewer folders:

  • On Mac: /Applications/Graphisoft/BIMx Viewer
  • On Windows: C:\Program Files\Graphisoft\BIMx Viewer


Can I use Space Navigator from 3D Connexion with BIMx?

No, it is not supported at the moment.


Can I perform a Global Illumination render in the background?

Both in ArchiCAD at the publishing of the BIMx Hyper-model and in BIMx Desktop it is possible to render the Global Illumintation in the background, you can simply alt tab/cmd tab to an other application and the BIMx GI calculation will run in the background.


Does BIMx have Anti-aliasing?

No, it is not supported at the moment on the desktop version, only on the mobile version.

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