BIMx Application Settings on Mobile Devices

by GRAPHISOFT, Katica Avvakumovits and Marton Kiss · updated: 03.19.2013


Location of BIMx Settings

Android Devices

  • BIMx Settings, accessible while BIMx is runningClick the three dots icon shown at the top of the screen while BIMx is running. In the drop-down menu select “Settings” button to reach all of the BIMx settings. Change any of them, then return to the model.Android_settings.png


iOS Devices

Settings affecting BIMx App for iPhone/iPad are found in two locations:

  • The iPhone/iPad’s own Device SettingsClick the Settings icon of your mobile device. From the appearing Settings page of the device, choose BIMx from the list of apps on the left to bring up its Settings.device_settings.png


  • The BIMx Application Settings, accessible while BIMx is runningClick the Settings button (cogwheel icon) shown at the top of the screen while BIMx is running. Change any of the following settings, then click Done to return to the model. (On iPad, these Settings are in a pop-up, allowing you to see the effect of the Settings changes immediately.)application_settings.png

Available Settings for BIMx Application




Turn this ON to display a simplified “map” of the building segment that you are currently navigating, as a feedback and aid to navigation.

  • mapon.png

Stereo 3D

BIMx can display the model in stereo view mode. Turn this ON to use red-cyan glasses to view the model in stereo 3D.


Choose your preferred style for viewing the building:

  • Realistic (Global illumination, no contours)
  • Hidden line
  • Simple Shading (Shading, textures, contours on, limited transparency)
  • Metal (Shading, no textures, contours on, full transparency, “shiny” effect)
  • Black and White (new feature in BIMx 2.5 mobile application)


Scroll the PDF to browse in different BIMx Shading Modes.


Display BIM Info

BIM information (Element name and ID, height, size, volume) of elements can be displayed on your mobile application.



This is OFF by default. See: Fly.

Slow, normal, fast. This adjusts your movement speed while you are navigating by joystick.

Joystick/ Left-handed

Moves Joystick to the left of your screen. (Handy for left-handed users.)

Note: on iOS platforms this setting can be found in Device Settings > BIMx (See detailed at the top of this page)


Note: on iOS platforms these settings can be found in Device Settings > BIMx (See detailed at the top of this page)


Smooth Contours (Antialiasing)

This is OFF by default. Turning it ON may improve the model display by rendering it with smoother lines (fewer pixels). However, turning Antialiasing ON will increase the memory requirement and probably slow down your navigation.

Reverse Rotate and Pan Direction

This control changes the effect when you rotate/pan using your fingers. By default, this control is OFF; this means that, by default, moving your fingers will have the effect of moving the viewed scene in the same direction as your fingers.

If you turn this control ON, rotate/pan will have the opposite effect: your head (not the viewed scene) will rotate or pan in the same direction that you move your fingers.


The measured values can be displayed in Metric, Decimal Feet or Feet and Fractional Inch units


BIMx Community Site

Acces the integrated BIMx community on Facebook for sharing or downloading interactive 3D building models directly from BIMx. You can upload your models here with any ArchiCAD licences, education and trial included even without a Facebook account.


The version and build number of your BIMx application.

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