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by GRAPHISOFT, Marton Kiss, Csaba Kézér and Tamás Erős · updated: 06.22.2015


bimx--bimxdocslogo The GRAPHISOFT BIMx is a professional BIM project viewer featuring BIMx Hyper-model, a unique technology for integrated 2D & 3D building project navigation. BIMx Hyper-models offer extremely smooth handling and outstanding performance even for projects with complex/large 3D building models and excessive 2D documentation.

BIMx News

BIMx 2015 Q2 Update – Direct Cloud Storage Access

iOS App version 4.0.2809

The latest BIMx update released together with ARCHICAD 19 presents four new features on iOS devices:

Android App version 3.5.3510

This new update introduces BIMcloud messaging from your Android device as well as compatibility developments to support BIMx files exported from ARCHICAD 19.

BIMx 2015 Q1 Update – Simplified licensing with BIMx PRO

iOS App version 3.6.353

BIMx Docs has been renamed to BIMx PRO. This change doesn’t affect the existing features in any way and doesn’t contain any addition to what BIMx Docs had. With the update BIMx Docs becomes BIMx PRO.

Simplified Licensing

GRAPHISOFT simplifies BIMx licensing options for iOS devices. From this point two licensing options are available:

  • purchasing a license for all models on one device (suitable for architects)
  • sharing a license for one model with other parties for an unlimited amount of time (architects can share the model with all AEC stakeholders)

 Just like before, BIMx is the free app offering In-App purchases and BIMx PRO is the paid app containing all extras by default. Read more about the new simplified licensing options in our BIMx Licensing article.

Faster Model Download

This update brings a significant improvement to model download speed. Larger file downloads from the BIMx Model Transfer cloud service remain stable even when the app is in the background.

BIMx 2014 Q4 Update – BIMcloud integration with BIMx

GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud: now with integrated team messaging from your iPhone and iPad (from App version 3.4.4625)

Send screen captures with free hand redlining from BIMx Docs to other Team Members in the Project with BIMcloud. Now ArchiCAD users and BIMx Docs users with iOS devices can message each other right inside the applications, keeping the project and the communication at the same place to make this workflow as easy as possible.

send message red lining


BIMx provides 3D environment to explore full BIM models with game-like navigation on mobile devices or on desktop computers.

BIMx on Mobile Platforms

iOS: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

The latest versions of BIMx and BIMx PRO are available from the App Store. See the Downloads section for further details.


The compatible version of BIMx is available as a free download at the Play Store and at the Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire (2nd generation and HD) devices.

BIMx Desktop/ Laptop Viewer

The GRAPHISOFT BIM Explorer (BIMx) package is included in ArchiCAD 17 for free. The BIMx Desktop Viewer can be downloaded separately from our website.


Before downloading BIMx, please read the System Requirements and the recommended video cards for BIMx. iOS See also: About BIMx license types

BIMx for iOS devices in the App Store

  • BIMx PRO: Fully functional application – purchase at download
  • BIMx: Free application offering in-app purchase options

BIMx for Android devices in the Google Play Store


  • BIMx: Free application with the in-app purchase option for full functionality

BIMx Desktop/ Laptop Viewer



AC-BIMx Create an interactive, 3D presentation package at any stage of your ArchiCAD project, check out the tips to export ArchiCAD Models for BIMx.


BIMx Shortcuts The interactive 3D building models can be shared on the BIMx Model Transfer Site. Upload your BIMx Hyper-model from ArchiCAD, or share it through the BIMx Desktop App with an ease. The uploaded model can be sent to the Client with a simple link.


In this article you can find a collection about the discovered known issues with BIMx: BIMx Known Issues

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