Technical notes about the deployment and operation of ArchiCAD, such as licensing; hardware and software compatibility




QuickTime, Apple’s multimedia environment was used in ARCHICAD up until version 17 for: processing image files, creating Fly-Through & Sun Study movies, Virtual Reality Scenes and Panoramic Views.


Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Apple has released MAC OS X 10.11 on the 30th of September, 2015. You can see the list of compatibility of different ARCHICAD versions and the schedule of Compatibilty Updates below….



ARCHICAD versions

Version Release Platform New Features ArchiCAD17 2013 Mac OSX 10.6 Mac OSX 10.7 Mac OSX 10.8 Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Model-Based Junctions, Building Material, 3D Cutting Plane, Link Element Height to Stories, Core-Based Reference Line, Curved…


ARCHICAD Start Edition

ArchiCAD STAR(T) Edition (SE) is recommended for smaller architectural practices. Based on the industry leading Virtual Building technology of ArchiCAD, its features have been tailored to the needs of smaller architectural practices. ArchiCAD STAR(T)…



BIMx is a professional BIM project viewer featuring  BIMx Hyper-model , a unique technology for integrated 2D & 3D building project visualisation and navigation…


Teamwork in ArchiCAD For a starter see ArchiCAD BIM Server Best Practices Teamwork Basics To get familiar with the concepts of the new Teamwork: Watch the ArchiCAD Teamwork Highlights videos Read the Teamwork Essentials.PDF document Read the Design…