Plotmaker conversion – (pmk 2.1 v3) into start edition 2010


I have been using archicad for a number of years now but am somewhat still a newbee.

I have just finished my studies and was using archicad 17 ( i still have the educational version on my laptop). The practice that i work for now uses archicad 2010 start edition.

In work, I have an old plotmaker file of a site location plan and desperately need to convert it / open it into the archicad 2010 start edition. When i open it it sometimes reads ‘please unlock the progam file or the disk’ other times it reads that the version is too old and that i need a version 3 plotmaker file.

Can anyone help me open / convert this file so as it can be opened in either archicad 17 or archicad start edition ?


ps I have looked through the forums for hours upon hours now and have not came across any concrete answers other than i should download version 9 plot maker, unfortunately i don’t know where to download that from !