New Find & Select Criteria
In ARCHICAD 20, the Save as BIMx command is no longer available. Instead, use the File > Publish as BIMx Hyper-model command or the Save Hyper-model option from the Navigator Publisher Map.
The File menu has a new sub-menu called Interoperability (formerly File Special)
Interactive Schedules and other List types are now in separate sub-menus of the Document menu:
The Complex Profiles submenu is now in the Options menu (formerly Design menu).
The Merge Walls/Merge Columns/Merge Beams commands are now in the Edit > Reshape menu.
From the browser Settings pop-up, use Tree View Above or Tree View on Left to change this preference. The folder chooser is automatically hidden, and only appears when the tree view is hidden (by double clicking or dragging up the splitter) – this also applies to the Favorites palette and pop-up in Tool Settings.
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