IFC Improvements

IFC4 Reference View is suitable for all BIM workflows that are based on reference models, where the exchange is mainly one-directional. Here requested modifications of the BIM data, mainly of the shape representation, are handled by a change request to the original author.
IFC4 Design Transfer View provides building information with support for element editing: inserting, deleting, moving, and modifying physical building elements and spaces, within the limited scope of parametric exchange. For example, an architect providing building design information to an engineer for a particular discipline, where geometric modifications may need to be made. Note that the Design Transfer View is not meant for round-trip model exchange scenarios.
Note: ARCHICAD 20 continues to support the former 2×3 version of IFC.
The new ARCHICAD Element Properties (see User-Defined Element Properties) are mappable as IFC scheme properties.
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