Working with IFC Data

Note: Naturally, the Attributes, Properties and Classification References defined in the IFC Manager are immediately reflected in the relevant Element Settings dialogs, and vice versa.
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IFC Manager

The IFC Manager (File > Interoperability > IFC) provides a hierarchical overview of the current project’s IFC model ...

Element Settings Dialog

ARCHICAD elements created out of imported IFC model elements display their standard and custom IFC data, at the element level, in ...

IFC Scheme Setup

IFC Attributes, Properties and Classification Reference data can be stored in so-called schemes (.xml files). Besides ...

Data Synchronization

Applying the current IFC Scheme Setup (click “Apply”) will synchronize all changes (name and value type modification, ...

IFC Options

The settings defined at IFC Options (File > Interoperability > IFC) also affect the way that IFC data are created and ...