Import/Export Property Data via Spreadsheet

Use the File > Interoperability > Element Properties > Export Property Values from Schedule command.
Enter a file name, then click Save to save it as a spreadsheet in Excel format (XLS or XLSX).
Note: In the spreadsheet, any cell showing a black dashed line means that the property is not available for that element, and can be ignored by the consultant.
In ARCHICAD, import the Excel file using File > Interoperability > Element Properties > Import Property Values into Elements.
Note: Only Element Properties can be imported to ARCHICAD. Other parameters are ignored in the data exchange (they are shown in grey in this preview).
The preview highlights any errors or inconsistencies: see Manage Data Errors, below. You cannot import data if there are any errors present.
If the data is free of errors, click Import to automatically add the element-specific property values from the spreadsheet to the ARCHICAD model elements.
Undo will reverse the entire data import process.
When you import data to ARCHICAD using Import Property Values, the preview highlights any errors or inconsistencies. You cannot import data if there are any errors present.
Black data items: Valid data, will be imported (provided that the property’s box is checked. If unchecked, such properties are grey and will not be imported.)
Grey data items: These are not element properties and will not be imported.
Red data items: Invalid or missing data; cannot be imported. Possible reasons:
Blue data items belong to duplicate properties or duplicate elements. Only the values of the first instance of this property will be imported. The duplicate items themselves are marked with an information icon.
Warning triangle: The property does not exist in the target project.
Click Save Report. This creates an Excel spreadsheet which highlights data errors and provides further information on them.
If the Import Property Values dialog box is open, click Browse to open the newly saved Report spreadsheet.
Or use Import Property Values to browse for the spreadsheet.
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