Editing Roofs



Add Roof Level

You may wish to add additional levels to your Multi-plane Roof: for example, in creating a mansard roof, you want two roof levels, ...

Edit Roof Levels

For a multi-level Roof, select the line indicating the Roof level, then use pet palette commands to edit the vertical position or ...

Edit Roof Contour

The Roof contour may be edited graphically. Select the contour line in Floor Plan or 3D and use the available pet palette ...

Edit Roof Ridge

You can modify the roof geometry of a Multi-plane roof by grabbing the ridge line at either endpoint or anywhere along the ridge ...

Customize Roof Plane

For a Multi-plane Roof, you can customize any of its planes so that its surfaces, eaves overhang, and pitch are different from the ...

Create Roof Level Lines

Note: Roof Level Lines can be placed on both single-plane and multi-plane roofs. However, with multi-plane roofs, make sure you ...