Curtain Wall: A System Tool

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Curtain Wall Members

It is important to distinguish the following Curtain Wall components: Reference Line The Reference Line is the ...

Create a Curtain Wall

In ARCHICAD, creating a Curtain Wall is intuitive and flexible. You will use input methods that are familiar from other ARCHICAD ...

System-Level Editing

Use System-level editing to set up or edit the Curtain Wall element as a whole, using a single dialog box. Open Curtain ...

Curtain Wall Display

Curtain Wall display in Floor Plan and Section views is defined in Curtain Wall Settings. Note that the Curtain ...

Edit Grid

To edit a selected Curtain Wall Grid or individual Gridline, you must use Curtain Wall Edit mode. Available operations include: ...

Curtain Wall Panels

Panels are the flat surfaces - generally glazed - of the Curtain Wall. Panels are automatically placed between Frames and onto ...

Curtain Wall Accessories

A Curtain Wall Accessory is an optional non-load-bearing member - such as a sun shade, a decoration strip or a canopy - attached ...