About Parametric Objects

Objects can be placed in the Project
using one of ArchiCAD’s dedicated tools (Object, Lamp, Door, Window, Skylight, Corner Window, Stair, Wall End, Curtain Wall Accessory or Junction)
automatically by specific commands or Add-Ons (Markers, Labels, RoofMaker and TrussMaker elements)
Objects are parametric. This means that you can freely configure the placed instance, using the Object Settings dialog box, or the dialog boxes associated with the object-type tools, without actually modifying the source file for the object.
When you place an Object (as opposed to other elements in ArchiCAD), you are placing an instance of an external file located in an object library. ArchiCAD is shipped with a standard object library containing hundreds of preconfigured, editable objects (also known as GDL objects or Library parts). For the most part, you will use ArchiCAD tools to place objects from this standard library.
If you open a Project and the Library Loading Report palette or Library Manager informs you that any placed objects are missing, those items cannot be displayed on the plan.
The place of missing library parts is indicated by nondescript spots on the plan.
See Library Manager for details.
You will find most of the objects you need for your project in the ArchiCAD Library – the factory-shipped library of standard objects. The objects are organized into folders and sub-folders to make it easy to locate what you need. The ArchiCAD Library is comprehensive, although localized versions of ArchiCAD libraries will contain special objects which are localized for the standards of particular countries.
When you activate a tool that is dedicated to a particular Object subtype (i.e. Stair, Door), the Settings Dialog box accesses only the relevant part of the ArchiCAD Library. For example, activating the Window Tool gives you access to all the Windows in the ArchiCAD Library, but not Doors or Mechanical Objects.
All of these files can be opened in ArchiCAD with the File > Libraries and Objects > Open Object command and they can be created in ArchiCAD with the File > Libraries and Objects > New Object command. You can also create objects graphically, using other ArchiCAD elements, and then saving them as an Object file.