Create or Edit Image Fill

Image Fills can be used as
Drafting fills; or
Cover fills, applicable to a Roof, Slab or Mesh.
The Image fill lets you use images as the foreground part of Drafting fills or Cover fills.
By default, ArchiCAD provides two Image fills as Attributes, but you can define your own.
To create a new Image fill, go to Options > Element Attributes > Fill Types. Click New.
In the Add New Fill dialog box, choose Image fill.
In the appearing Fill Types dialog box, note (in the Availability and Screen only Pattern Panel) that Image fills can be defined as either Drafting or Cover fills (not as Cut fills).
For Image fills, the second panel is the Fill Texture Panel. Here, click the Load Image button to bring up a library directory dialog box. Browse for the desired image and click OK to load it.
Use the Image Size controls to fine-tune the size and pattern of your Image fill.
Note that the “Mirroring” controls give you different options for setting up the repeating patterns within your Image fill.
Click OK to save the newly created fill as a project attribute.